Everywhere at once.

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Betsy and i are planning a wedding, packing up our apartment, and both starting a new semester of school- she midwifery, myself, architecture.
We all know the tired adage about the thousand words, so i'll mostly let the bits below do the talking, but i must say- as bewildering as life gets, spending time with friends and family is always such a treat. My father has been rearranging his workshop, my friend Jon held his annual Lawnchair Cinema and its requisite, competitive mix of lawn games, and I had a chance to visit my brother and his wife at their new farm. Also, i've been trying to approach Portland like i haven't been looking at it for six years, and it's been working a little.

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Father's Workshop.

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From North St.

Future Food.

Blackfly Bait.


Jon and Jone's Cottage.

Kubb is for friends.